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Creator : Jamie Lewis

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Jamie Lewis is about to launch his newest internet marketing training course and everyone is asking if it is going to be another big hit or if it is going to be a HUGE SCAM. I wanted to create an honest, unbiased review and MASSIVE bonus website to help you get your online business started quickly and easily!

What Is JamieTV All About?

Jamie Lewis is going to teach his money making methods to people all over the US right in front of the camera, and you’re going to see exactly what they do to generate thousands of dollars within their first few days online.

This is going to be an “over the shoulder” style training where you watch and replicate the methods Jamie Lewis teaches to his students LIVE, in front of the camera.

What’s Included With JamieTV?

You’re going to get over the shoulder training videos showing you how to generate traffic and commissions online. You will need to follow through the training and take action in order to get results! Here is what you’re going to learn inside the Jamie TV members area :

  • How to drive laser targeted traffic
  • The single most important part your online business is missing
  • How to make $1k per day with affiliate marketing
  • and much much more

How Do I Make Money With JamieTV?

Making money online comes down 2 things, and if you can get these 2 things down you can make money online!

Targeted Traffic – Ahhh… The most important part of ANY online business. PERIOD. Without traffic you wont make a single sale, guaranteed! That’s why Jamie is going to give you the ultimate formula for generating tons of traffic to your squeeze pages and websites.

High Converting Offer – If you can send your laser targeted traffic to a high converting offer you can generate massive commissions online. Jamie Lewis is going to help you understand the power of high converting offers, and give you tons of places to find products to promote.

Are There Any Other Costs After Purchasing Members Access?

As with any business there are a few investments you need to make so you can have a strong foundation to build on. Here is a list of a few of the necessities :

Hosting/Domain @ $10 per month (average)

Autoresponder @ $19 per month ($1 for the first month)

This All Sounds Confusing To Me? Can I Make Money With It?

Yes, you can make money but you need to be prepared to LEARN and TAKE ACTION. Without these 2 things you might as well NOT purchase this program! You will need to take massive action and apply the techniques taught by Jamie Lewis to make big money online.

Jamie Lewis makes millions online, but nobody ever handed him anything. He took action and continued to learn and perfect his online business, and now he could never work a day in his life and have more money than most people.

JamieTV bonus?

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26 thoughts on “JamieTV Review

  1. Charlene Roberts

    I just purchased a membership but can not access the program. When I go to the support line, the response is that this server does not exist. I tried to contact him by his email and it also said it doesn’t exist. I think this is a scam unless proven otherwise. Someone needs to get back to me ASAP.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Charlene,

      Don’t come onto this site screaming scam because the members area review video above PROVES otherwise. I got access to the members area, as well as the 3 other people that have asked for my Jamie TV Bonus..

      Go check your spam or your other email tabs around the time of purchase.

      Standing by to send bonuses,

  2. Kathryn Schwartz


    Jammie would like to ask you several questions. Please contact me by e-mail or skype .Please respond back soon.

    Inspire Believe Dream

    Kathryn Schwartz

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Oyindasade,

      Trust me, this is NOT a scam. JamieTV is very much a real product with hours of training.

      Your membership details probably just went to your spam box. Check there, as well as other tabs like promotions and social just in case.

      Most people find it in the spam around the time of purchase.

      Hope this helps,

  3. steve

    I purchased and sent you my receipt # please email me the bonuses.

    also not sure what the people in the video did to make that money. They said 1-2 hours with jamie but there are HOURS to weed thru.

    Transaction ID: 6079684559


    1. admin Post author

      Hey Steve,

      Sending bonus as we speak…

      Ya, I’m not too sure about that either, as I mentioned in the video. There is tons of content so I think Jamie wanted to give various opportunities for those not interested in the core techniques.


    1. admin Post author


      Can I send what??? I am not the product creator, so how would I send it to you?

      If you’re talking about the Jamie TV bonus, then I will need you to send your proof of purchase to me before I can send the bonus.


  4. Sharon

    I am really saddened that I just spent $27 (of which I could not afford) for a program you stated in your 1st video was Free!!! and then continued to state it would cost me only as much as a Taco Bell Dinner – well I have never seen a meal at Taco Bell for $27! All this got me to was another video where you are now wanting to charge me close to $200, then when I tried to leave page the price went down…

    I am so tired of believing in people who continue to rip people off on the internet – the reason I wanted to do this was because I am desperate to find a job and make some money just to pay rent and survive.
    I watched your all your videos and still you sit there in your expensive cars and act like you care about people and want to help well if that was the case then why is the course not free!
    YOU Jamie Lewis are no better then all the other scams out there – I guess only difference is that in your video’s you go to apparently real homes with apparently real clients and I wonder did they also get fooled into paying your fees or did they get it for FREE!

    I have asked my bank to go ahead and dispute/cancel this purchase, and if you had a heart you would re-fund my $27. I wonder how many other poor people were scammed by this!!!!

    “One great, strong, unselfish soul in every
    community could actually redeem the world”

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Sharon,

      You know what I’m sick and tired of…?


      You people that come onto my review site and start BLABBING YOUR MOUTH about how much I am a scam, and how I screwed you out of your money.

      I AM NOT JAMIE LEWIS, JAMIETV IS NOT MY PRODUCT, AND I CREATED THIS SITE TO HELP YOU SAVE YOUR MONEY, So DO NOT come on here talking a bunch of bullshit and claiming I am a scam!!!!!! Do you understand that?

      I AM NOT JAMIE LEWIS! This is a review site where I paid for the product so you didn’t have to.

      Then you come to my site talking about how much JamieTV is a scam because you had to pay $27 whole dollars?? Seriously, if you are not willing to invest $27 into the amount of training that comes with Jamie TV then GIVE UP ON TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

      By the way, how the heck did you get scammed? You got HOURS of training, webinars, and EVERYTHING that you need to make money with Jamie TV, but because you have to actually take action you come to my site and cry…

      What? Your computer didn’t start printing money after you purchased?


      Making money online TAKES EFFORT and it DEFINITELY takes more of an investment than $27… Not to mention, do you really think Jamie Lewis gives a SHIT about your $27?

      He made $40k today AT LEAST!!!

      LOL $27 ain’t shit to him…

      Anyway, please do NOT come on my site again claiming I’m a big scam or talking a bunch of shit when you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Those of you reading this and thinking $27 for the cost of training is too expensive – just leave. I can guarantee if you are not willing to invest in yourself and your business you are just wasting your time with this “online business” idea.

      Just trying to help..

      Enjoy the truth,

      1. Maurice

        Well said dude… People these days expect to do nothing yet receive everything.

        I for one actually appreciate your review. There seems to be a ton of content but is it the same stuff I’ve probably already got or are there some interesting tweaks that make this course worthwhile?


  5. Pasquale

    I live in Colorado and we can not be Amazon affiliates here.there are a few states like CO….but , my question is will I still be able to use the program…. I believe the info alone is going to be great but want to know if I will be able to do what I need to do to in CO w/o being a Amazon affiliate…. Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Pasqaule,

      I totally understand and it’s good to ask these things before jumping in. So Jamie has made Jamie TV span a wide array of internet marketing topics and a number of the his top techniques do NOT include Amazon so you will be alright.

      Plus, my Jamie TV bonus has tons of training that has nothing to do with Amazon, and everything to do with making money online. ;)

      Hope this helps and just shoot me an email if you decide to grab JamieTV from the site.


  6. Angel

    Would like to ask if this is available in the Philippines?
    I’m a newbie at this and is considering to venture on internet mktg.

    Appreciate the help.


  7. Jaimie

    When i first watched the video, it said it would cost $37 in the video itself. Wait untill video is over and it said $97. And on this review it says $27. I want to know the true cost of this or if it changes with different people promoting it. (Btw wanted to throw this in for humor, i work at Taco Bell, and ive seen multipule orders in drive thru cost close to $100. Average sale for dinner rush is usually between $20 to $40. Sad to say this is 7 years experiance talking.)

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Ruby,

      I don’t think I said $27? That was some comment from someone you read….

      I think I paid $47 for it so $37 might just be a discounted price that Jamie is offering right now. Not sure…

      Hope this helps,

      PS – Bonuses are still available and being sent as we speak!

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Darren,

      Never thought about it really. I suppose he could close the doors at anytime, but to be honest I haven’t heard anything like that.

      Anything I can help you out with?

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